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How to become a top author: Read 7 Harry Potter books in a day


‘The Bone Season’ author Samantha Shannon is pretty damn busy. Having been to three Australian cities the day previous, she joined us in our Auckland studio┬ábefore getting ready to fly to London that afternoon. Here are some highlights.

How Samatha feels being compared to JK Rowling:

I can understand ‘The Hunger Games’ similarities as both stories are Distopian novels, but I think J.K Rowling is a shallow comparison. I’m a huge fan and any comparison also suggests she is passe in some way, which is untrue as she’s still writing. The only similarity is that we both happen to have seven books with Bloomsbury.

Who she’d like as lead role in ‘The Bone Season’ movie:

We haven’t had casting yet, but we do have producers. I’d choose Benedict Cumperbatch as a lead. He’d be perfect as Paige’s boss, a Crime Lord who uses flowery language.

On being the 10th most famous Samantha on a Google search:

There aren’t too many Samanthas! I’m a 90s girl – my favorite Samantha is Samantha Mumba.

How she feels during a day of no writing:

If I can’t write I feel anxious. Most writers have to pour their creativity into something. For me, it started with short stories when I was 13. I wrote my first novel when I was 15. I also remember reading all the Harry Potter books in one day because I didn’t want anyone to ruin it for me.

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The Lorde of the literary world?

The Lorde of the literary world?

How cool. Tomorrow morning on Classic Hits Auckland (7.50am NZ time) we’ll be speaking with Samantha Shannon, the girl who began writing at age 15, before crafting The Bone Season at age 18. Lorde, what’s in the water these days?

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