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‘Gangnam Style’ banned in New Zealand

South Korean pop star PSY has interrupted life on earth and deservedly so. ‘Gangnam Style’ has been viewed by half a billion people and counting. PSY wins because he has a twisted sense of humor, goes against the grain, creates his own style (‘Dress classy – dance cheesy) and proves overnight success takes ten years. He composes all the music himself. He’s relaxed, despite pressure heaped on him by fans to come up with funny, original material. For ‘Gangnam Style’ he stayed up for 30 nights, first trying a panda dance, then a kangaroo jig, before settling on the galloping horse. 

PS. So far the classy-dressing-cheesy-dancing musical prodigy’s song has not been banned in New Zealand, but it’s the irreverant sort of thing he’d do to get noticed, so I’m taking a leaf out of his book. PSY for president.

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