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Kids always find the rudest page

Kids always find the rudest page

And in The Dog That Ate The Bathroom it happens to be this page. Then again, I’m old and I still find it funny. (Click on image if you’d to see the ebook.)

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Bucket List Adventures

ImageI’m happy to say that two of my travel books are now available to read on your Kindle. UK on a G-string is a tale about door-to-door-busking (I only had one song) around the Motherland and trying to make enough money for a flight home. The US version is called One Man, 23 Beers and a Crazy Bet. Next on my bucket list was an attempt to play golf around the U.S with whoever featured on the front page of the newspaper. In Search of Swingers was the result: a terrifying, yet liberating, glorious failure, full of crazy characters and surprisingly, very little golf. For more info on these titles head to my website. Enjoy!

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Bestseller Bowling Through India – for free. Nothing. Gratuit. Zilch.

Bowling Through India - for free

For the next five days you can grab my travel memoir ‘Bowling Through India’ for NOTHING from Amazon. Don’t panic if you’re not into sport. Here are one reader’s comments: ‘Fantastic story of friendship male bonding and cricket. Far from your typical travel book you learn as much about the ways group of men treat each other as you will about India. Highly recommended.’

So get to it – and enjoy!

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Why the *&ck do I write?

Why the *&ck do I write?

Everyone loves John Irving – and here is one of his quotes I’ve been trying to track down for a long time. If you’re a writer and you’ve ever asked yourself, why the hell do I do this, the last sentence may bring some peace.

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The Dog That Ate The Bathroom – out today!

The Dog That Ate The Bathroom

The idea for this e-book started out as a joke. My daughter (Sophie) and I were bored, so decided to think up ridiculous things. Once finished, she took the story to school and her class loved it, as did the teacher who passed it on to other classes. A few tweaks later we had a story. A few beers later I had an illustrator. And now you have the finished product. Yes it’s for kids, but it’s also for anyone who owns a dog who eats anything they shouldn’t. If you click on the cover of the book it’ll take you to Amazon – the book is $3.99. Enjoy

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8 kids questions that always have the same answer

8 kids questions that always have the same answer

‘Can I play on your phone? 

Can I play a video game? 

Can I hit the cat?

Can I see if the remote bounces?

Can I see if my sister bounces?

Can I watch TV?

Can I play on your old phone?

Can I go on the computer?’

If you have a bored 6-9 year old in the house can I put in a cheeky plug for the newly released FIREBOYS COLLECTION e-book. It’s been described as an exciting, easy-to-read series starring three unlikely characters. There’s Red (the competitive one), Leo (the serious one) and Spark (the loveable idiot.) The stories have strong plots and quirky characters. When I was a kid I found this length of story (about 10,000 words) cool to read because they’re easy to understand and a good introduction to longer stories. Plus it feels great when you actually finish a WHOLE BOOK. (Just click on the cover to be taken to the Amazon page.)

Or, just let the kids use your phone. But don’t get the high score on Temple run, they really hate that.

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