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Can a man win a swimming race against a dog?


This morning on our radio show we asked ‘Can Jase, Stace or Justin’ win a swimming race against a dog. All week we asked listeners to submit opponents. Kira the German Shepard was chosen.

But where would we race? Not surprisingly every public pool in town told us to jump in the lake. The sea! Of course. Friday morning rolled round and three names were places in a bucket. The loser had to race Kira.

I drew the short straw. ‘Shake!’ I said. And she did. Good sport. And we were off!

The winner of the first race was undecided as it was suggested I cheated by running the last bit. I thought I was being a good sport by emulating the doggy paddle. (Didn’t see Kira trying backstroke.) The second race was definitive. Sort of. Meanwhile Kira just wanted her ball.

Here’s the video.

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Is it possible to piggyback a pig?

Is it possible to piggyback a pig?

A few weeks ago on our radio show we asked the question, can you beat a dog in a swimming race? This morning we wondered, can you piggyback a pig?

That’s our co-host Jason in the helmet, who drew the short straw and had to undertake the challenge. (I understand the need for gloves, but a helmet?)

Jam the pig was a good sport: calm, measured and happy. That is, until we got him out of his cage, when he squealed like a hungry baby in a wet nappy. With colic. The noise coming from Jam’s chops was simply unbearable.

Jason adjusted his helmet and dropped to his knees. He was ready, but Jam wasn’t. The noise abated once we put him back in his cage, where he munched happily on an apple. He was not distressed, nor upset. His was the equivalent of a toddler’s tantrum and we all fell for it.

So, unless you have a high tolerance of high pitched squealing, it is not possible to piggyback a pig? Or even get the little guy near your shoulders. Which leaves me with two questions. Why is it called a piggyback? And, if a piggyback is out of the question, how about a 100m sprint?

PS. Here’s the video – though you may want to mute the sound

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