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Why being a Dad hurts

It’s still school holidays here in New Zealand.

Perhaps my ten year old daughter is struggling for ideas.

‘Dad,┬ácan I kick you in the bum?’

‘Okay… just once.’

‘Wait, can I put shoes on?’

X-Treme School Holidays Kiwi style – Praying Mantis Vs Fly

X-Treme School holidays Kiwi style - Praying Mantis Vs Fly

It’s school holidays here in New Zealand. When drawing, playing soccer and Mine Craft have run their course, my young girls normally set about finding a new hobby. In this case one that involves death and mayhem.

Goodnight, Mr Fly.

Top 5 things to outsource

1. exercise
2. hangovers
3. childbirth
4. worry
5. sleep