Kiwiana Goes Pop – Volume 2


A while back the first Kiwiana Goes Pop album was released featuring my song Good Keen Metrosexual. Kiwiana Goes Pop 2 is out now and features Billy T James, John Clarke and Tim Finn’s little known song ‘Runs in the Family.’ The old TV ads on the album are a good laugh. Fiona McDonald (Columbine pantyhose), Annie Crummer (Soda Stream) and Hugo Said You Go (KFC). Not to forget The Miramar Chess Club with this brilliant Rugby World Cup song. I snuck onto the album with my song ‘Great Place To Bring Up the Kids, a satirical (sometimes acerbic) look at life from my book Myth New Zealand. Random, weird, nostalgic collection. Enjoy!

PS. Brilliant artwork by Lester Hall

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6 thoughts on “Kiwiana Goes Pop – Volume 2

  1. Angela S says:

    Where does that image come from under Kiwiana goes pop? It would make a great poster.
    Also the kids at the primary school where I am librarian are pretty keen for another book similar to SBS. Sadly we didn’t know about your Signature series titles and are investigating the possibility of buying them.

    • justinbrownbooks says:

      Thanks Angela, that was a random google search for Kiwi-ana, but you’re right, it’s cool. Clean Slate Press are the publisher for Signature Series. Happy day!

      • Angela S says:

        Cheers, the onto it staff at Clean Slate have advised me that there are still some Signature series titles left and some Mike, cool as titles so that is good news for me.

      • justinbrownbooks says:

        Result, thanks for the support.

      • Lester Hall says:

        always nice to see an artist credited for his work if you are going to use it….. I notice you are using my work but make no mention of that?

      • justinbrownbooks says:

        I agree entirely, will adjust now!

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